Trafalgar PC 2000

Large Paddock Cleaner, 2000 Liter Hopper Capacity, Honda Petrol Engine

Keeping a clean and hygienic environment can be a trying task. The new PC 2000 keeps your paddock, road, garden, park and surrounding areas in pristine condition whilst saving time in the process.

Equipped with the PC 2000 is a powerful Honda engine which allows you to pick up animal droppings, sand, leaves and dirt at fast and efficient rates giving you an effortless means of cleaning without the mess of many other conventional methods.

The PC 2000 liter capacity will mean you can use it for long periods without stopping and starting, providing you with a machine which saves on time. Unique to this machine is the manual Hydraulic tip which is easy to use and allows a simple way to unload large quantities of animal droppings, leaves, sand and dirt.

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